Thursday, November 25, 2010

NaNoWriMo is kicking my ass.

Seriously. I'm not even at 33k and I'm tired and my hands hurt and my back cracks every time I move.

I'm now learning that the novel writing process is extremely painful as well as extremely gratifying.

Tip on the Nano site says when you're struggling you need to kill a character. I'm only dealing with my main characters at present and I can't kill them.

Wait...I need to write in a scene where they travel to a village.

Someone in this village NEEDS to die.


I'm feeling good about that. Maybe I'll TSoD them!

I hope I can write 9000 words over the next two days. I did it before when I deleted all of Chapter 4. I can do it again.

I can, by God!

Take that Nano!

I might be down, but I'm still spitting out words like a pugilist spits out teeth.

I'm not out of this race yet.


  1. There's nothing like massacring a village with the TSOD to get your NaNo juices flowing! I think it's an excellent idea.

    And about not killing main characters: could you kill them, then maybe bring them back somehow? Just a thought.

  2. Go for it, Maria. I know one of my main characters has to die, but she can't till I reach that point - and I'm a ways from that yet, (sigh) I promised myself I wouldn't fall so far behind this year.

    (deeper sigh)