Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My brand new shiny author blog...

So, what do I need another blog for?

I asked myself the same question before I made the decision to create this blog.

Basically, when I went to the St. Petersburg Pier to take part in signing books for "Zombie Nation: St. Pete," an anthology in which my story "The Lust, The Flesh" appears, I got to hang out with some folks who have been doing this writing thing for awhile, and one of the most important things I learned from them was: I need to get a more professional image. Out of the dozen or so of us that were there, I'd bet that more than half put out business cards. I had never thought of business cards before. Some of my new comrades gave me their cards and another thing I noticed was that many of them had nice author websites.

I am a long way from getting a professional web site. I've been flirting with WordPress for awhile, but I'm scared of the techy stuff involved with it. Someday I'll dip my tootsies in those high-fallutin waters.

In the interim, I created this site. An author site for me, with an author address:

I guess I need to get working on those business cards now.


  1. Happy New Blog! Like what you've done with the place so far and I am loving the banner for The Mages of Morrow. Did I mention I want to read that when it's finished?

  2. I set up a second blog too because I'd outgrown my first one.
    I like the look of your blog.

  3. Wohooo, Maria is getting pro! Kudos for your decision, and also on the business card thing. :D

    Hey, how about linking all your blogs to each other so we can keep better track of you? Ah, you might want to take off the "crap" from your profile, heh. Just an idea. ;)

  4. Kath;

    LOL! Thanks! I may switch it over to Word Press at some point. I hope you do get to read my book!

    Thanks. I now have five blogs...I think. I'm also putting one together for a serial I'm thinking about doing. Thanks! I'm glad you like the blog look!

    Thanks, girlfriend! Linking? Let me see if I can figure out how to do that. Also, I did get rid of the "crap" on my profile. I MUST have more confidence! Thanks for following the blog!